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Halo 1: Final – is a modified version of the original “Halo: Combat Evolved” for xbox, which focuses mainly on improving the multiplayer/LAN experience for competitive play. With its main features – an “In-Game Talking Timer” scripted into each map – it is sure to become the ‘standard’ Halo 1 version at future LANs from here on out. Click Here to view all of the features that are included.


NHE (Neutral Host Edition) – is a version of Halo 1: Final that allows for a dedicated Xbox to host games between two joining Xboxes on LAN. This allows for players on two separate Xboxes to play against each other without one Xbox having the advantage of being on host (i.e., both Xboxes are essentially playing on a dedicated server).
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NHE or Onhost/Offhost?


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(The Features listed below are for Halo 1: Final. Click Here for NHE features & info.)

– In-Game Talking Timer

  • Counts down every minute, announcing the seconds left every 10 seconds. Counts down from 10 to 1 second, with the “beeping” sound when powerup(s) spawn. The current minute is announced after beeping sound. Every 38 and 18 seconds of a minute, it also announces the minute that is up next. The timer script stops announcing the minute up next at around 26 minutes.

– In-Game Sounds Removed

  • Overshield Pickup, Camo Pickup, Health Pickup, Shield Charge. Shield Low, Shield Depleted, All Portal Sounds, Assault Rifle Pickup/Ready, Pistol Pickup/Ready, Rockets Pickup/Ready, Shotgun Pickup/Ready, Plasma Nade Pickup, “Clinky” Sound, Damnation & Downrush Waterfall, Outbound Waterfall & Stream Sounds.

– All-In-1 Map Pack

  • Unlike in Halo 1.5 where you had to switch back and forth between “Original Maps” and “New Maps”, Halo 1: Final has all the best original & new maps in one convenient map pack.

  • Original Maps – Chill Out, Hang-em High, Prisoner, Damnation, Derelict, Battle Creek, Rat Race, Wizard

  • New Maps – Downrush, Exhibit, Imminent, Decidia, Outbound

– Other Changes

  • New map pictures for chill out, damnation, and prisoner.

  • * Due to differences of opinions between many players, rockets in Derelict will stay at 30 secs spawn. I will make available an add-on Derelict map version with rockets spawning every 2 mins instead of every 30 secs. (This file is named “carousel[2minRocketSpawn].map”. To play, make a copy or backup of the original “carousel.map” file – I.E. rename it to ‘carousel_orig.map” via FTP, and then rename “carousel[2minRocketSpawn].map” to “carousel.map”. Make sure to clear cache, and play.)

  • Intro menu music removed.

*Update v1.1 Fixes:

  • – Prisoner OS spawn position fixed back to normal. (can now get back behind OS)
  • – Main menu logo smaller.
  • – Main menu text images changed.


** It is STRONGLY recommended to download the latest NHE Beta version in place of original Halo 1: Final. **
** Halo 1: Final ONLY supports Slayer and Team Slayer Gametypes.
** Player & weapon spawns for CTF, KOTH, Ball, etc. were NOT added to each map in original Halo 1: Final. NHE is compatible with every gametype and also has tons of extra features **


Click Here for NHE (Neutral Host Edition) features & info.



NHE – Beta v7


Build #:


** Beta v7, NHE features are controlled through toggles in the gametypes settings. View the readme.txt for more info.

Download Beta v7 Gametypes

Click Here for more info about NHE.


Halo 1: Final (v1.1)

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Halo 1.5

Halo 1.5 thread on halo1forum.com

Halo 1.5 – Download:


Halo 1.5 LAN Edition – Download: